Where corporate employees turn from experts to thought leaders, to Increase market value, get more offers, more money and eventually open their own businesses.

Are you a successful corporate executive with years in your field, but feel like you need a change? Alberto Sardiñas is ready to help you go from expert to thought leader, which means becoming an authority in your field by sharing your knowledge with the world. This will increase your market value, get you more job offers, more money and eventually the opportunity to create your own business.

Alberto is a Miami-based TV and radio personality, family man and digital entrepreneur. He has built his platform in parallel with his corporate career of 15+ years. He has interviewed thousands of guests throughout his career and, by asking the right questions, he allows them to open up and narrate how they made their boldest decisions in their careers.

With both a Communications degree and an MBA, together with a social media following of 2.7 million fans, people all over the world look to Alberto to share and hear amazing conversations that empower them to achieve their dreams.