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Huge impact

Love this show! I have never written a review, but Alberto really strikes a chord when he acknowledges and encourages us that we do have expertise in our fields that allows us to add value to others. At this stage of my life, I start my day hoping to serve others in a meaningful way. Alberto is an inspiration, and his interviews are sincere and thoughtful. I find myself looking for the Tuesday release, and in fact I am wondering why no releases since November 2!!!

Alberto is a legend!

What a great podcast and host. Full of great guests and topics that matter. Thanks for making this happen, Alberto! A+ on all you do.

Alberto truly live with passion

It’s evident how much Alberto lives and cares about people. I love listen to Alberto and his guests!

Important questions on living a meaningful life

Alberto asks powerful questions and this conversation was truly inspiring! Thank you for having me, -Smiley

Inspiring Stories!

Passion Accomplished shares inspirational stories from so many different sources. You will be encouraged when you listen!


Alberto has a unique way to make people shine and let them tell the most amazing stories. Every episode is a new discovery and getting to know what it really means to have Passion accomplished.

SO Inspirational!

I love this interview. Hearing about his first grade experience and how his mom pushed was great. I loved that he is a man of faith. I also loved how much you laughed during the interview. Can’t wait to hear more

Perfect timing

Uplifting stories told in a beautiful simple easy way. Thank you Albert 👊


If you are looking to fulfill your dreams, doing what you love. Alberto and the people he interviews will definitely help you do that. Agenda, time management, tips to define what’s your nezt step and mostly stories of people who’ve been there before and you can learn by listening their stories. 💪🏼💪🏼!! Enjoy!


Dear Alberto, I can’t thank you enough for making this difficult times a bit less stressful. Listening to your Passion Accomplishment Talks brings such Calmness , Peace , and a sense of Tranquility to my hear and being . May God Bless You ; your Wife Feigue ; Your daughter Sofia, Your doggie Paco, and the rest of your family always. Linda G Pembroke Pines, FL 33024


Tienes podcast en español?

Such an enlightening podcast!

I love listening to the interviews on Alberto’s podcast. They are all so informative and relevant to everyday life. I was also honored to be a guest on his podcast, and I really enjoyed his interviewing style. Great podcast!!

Amazing !

Alberto, besides being an excellent speaker, shares those positive messages that we all need to hear and always does it in a very original and creative way.


Over time I hear so many people talking and talking and talking but Alberto teaches and speaks from his heart . His topics are smart and to the point and more important they make you think about how to become a better you. Thank Alberto . Love your Podcast keep them coming !!

So Important!

One of the best components of well-being..gratitude. Clinical Psychologist in Miami.

One of a kind!

Alberto is simply the best!!! 💜💜💜

I love it Alberto!

Now I have a new favorite on my list. Congratulations.

My new favorite podcast!

I have to say I love the podcast so far, every episode provides great actionable advice and lessons! Every Monday I’m on the look out for the latest episode to see what I can learn and work on each week! Thank you for your help! Keep up the great work!

Excelente muy fácil de entender!!

Para los que el español es nuestra primera lengua conseguir podcast en inglés fáciles de entender es muy difícil. Este se entiende muy fácil y además la información es de gran valor, 100% recomendable


Awesome, I really enjoyed it!!!!

Grade A Podcast!

A very positive Podcast that makes the viewers think as well as try to figure out how they broadcast their goals and passions to others. It also makes the viewer or listener think about how they should react when hearing the goals as well as the passions of their peers. This podcast is very deep and inspirational.


Alberto, thanks for sharing your wisdom. Great insight and advice.

Amazing!! Congrats!

I really enjoy listening to Alberto's podcast because they are full of inspiration and I like the passion that he transmits in each episode. Waiting for more.

Great Podcast

Enjoyed listening to it! Alberto is very inspiring.